Sometimes in life it so happens that you get tired of believing like everything is in place and it is all perfect when in reality that is not the case. That will never be the case because life is not meant to be perfect. I think it is injustice to ourselves that we see life as a whole novel. We always strive to end the book to see what happens at the end. But then what? Do we feel happy after putting down the book? No. We wish it would not have ended so soon. Then why always anticipate for future? Or regretting about the past? Why not just stop right where we are and take a deep breath and try to take in what is at hand? It is not about the whole book. It is about chapters. It is about dialogues. It is about what characters do at one moment and not what they did in the whole novel. Its not about the whole life. It is about each moment.
So whenever you feel like you are losing it and the house is going to come down like a deck of cards, just think about all the good things that make your life what it is, that make you you. And there can’t be a single person who has nothing good in life. At the end of every chapter, every scene, every moment make peace with whatever happened and embrace the next moment with all your heart to live it for what it is, not for what you thought it would be. So that at the end of the book, at the end of your life, when you look back, you have a collection of moments that you lived and cherished for what they were.

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