High Heels

They say that we suddenly grow up at a point, without realizing.
We suddenly stop doing what we always have been doing and we take a break to think. And then we change the gears and let go of all the stupidity. 
We may not like it in the beginning, but this break is required. We need to sort ourselves out, and I think that this is what I’ve been trying to do from the past few weeks.
I’ve heard that college changes people. Tomboyish girls start to wear make up, and the nerds start to bunk classes, while the desperate ones are all over each other. No hard feelings, but this is what happens.
I’ve been thinking about which category I lie in. And honestly, I’m clueless. While people around me are too busy attending some party or the other, or while uploading pictures on social networking sites, I’ve been so lost because none of these things seem appealing to me any longer.
I don’t find the need of going to the washroom every now and then just to make sure that my hair is proper. I don’t want to buy the latest fashion clothes or suddenly walk in heels, because I know that I am sure to trip!
While the whole world around me is too busy trying on different masks and finding their way out, I’m happy shedding all the colours that I was once covered in. I don’t want to pretend or try to be cool. I just want to be myself. Whether people like me or not, I honestly no longer care.
I’ve felt so lost. But now when I look at the people around me, I think I’ve found my way through the maze at last. I’ve found myself while people are too busy losing themselves.
Are we that ashamed of ourselves that we need to change? Or are we that weak to let others change us into something we are not?
I believe that no matter how hard we try, or how many masks we wear, in the end of the day, we come back to being ourselves. 
Did I grow up too fast, or are the people around me a bit too immature? Well, I don’t want an answer to that. 
I’m just happy with the way things are right now. And next time I see a girl trip because of those heels, I’m just going to tell her that it’s high time she realizes that those shoes aren’t meant for her. And she should grab her pair before they wear out. 

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