Would you opt for a love marriage or an arranged marriage? Why is it that our culture, is still against love marriage? Or at least they are not ready for it. I have heard parents tell their children “Do not bring sadness to us by choosing a guy by yourself.” What sadness are they talking about? What if their child’s happiness lies with that person? Or do the parents mean to agree to the guy/girl they choose for their child, even if the child’s happiness lies with some other person.

We as children have absolutely no right to hurt our parents, in any way. They have given birth to us, taken care of us, fed us, bathed us, dressed us, and made us happy in every way possible with great pain and difficulty. When I speak, I do not mean you elope with the person you have met few days, months or years back for the parents who have taken care of you for your entire life. In fact, I strongly disagree with it. But does that mean, we let go or sacrifice our happiness for our parent’s happiness?

My parents sometimes say that love marriages do not work. But what guarantee can they give me that arranged marriages will work. On the other hand, aren’t there tens and thousands of love marriages that are still strong, but more than hundreds of arranged marriages that are waiting for their cases to be accepted in the courts? The only bonus star I have found about arranged marriages when compared to love marriages is that, when arranged marriages do not work you have your parents to support you. But in love marriages you just have yourself to blame. Or maybe not. I am not very sure.

But, isn’t love about two souls being as one? You love a person, you trust him, care for him, and stand by him in thick and thin. And expect, and hope, the same in return. Be it love marriage or arranged marriage, I believe that this institution called marriage is a very solemn and sacred place, where adjustment is a vital ingredient. And the next most important organ would be trust and love. If you love a person, completely with your entire heart, I believe, trust follows its way.


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