The beauty is in you

When I was in my teenage years, I had this perception that I’m not pretty and never good enough for anyone. There were countless time I stood in front of mirror and wonder what should I fix in myself so that I can at least be close to being ‘pretty’. Most of my cousins/friends are fair skinned than me. Growing up with them made me to reach for cosmetics to make myself accepted by others.
I used to apply whitening creams and wear make ups to hide my flaws. Eventually the effort of trying to be pretty turned to an obsession. There was just always something not right with my body and the way I look. After so many attempts failed to satisfy me, I soon realized that being pretty starts with accepting yourself for who you are. You can never satisfy yourself unless you start to realize your own potential. I started to build my confidence in different ways, without relying on my looks.
I have also learned over the years on how to see beauty in others. If you look close enough, there’s something unique and extraordinary about each one of us. After all, what we see is the reflection of our own thoughts. The phrase ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’  started to feel real for me and its definitely true in so many ways.
Now whenever I see myself in the mirror, I see an imperfect girl with soft eyes and the ability to see beauty in others.

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