key to happiness

In life, we always screw up things!

End up doing the right thing at the wrong time and the wrong thing at the right time.

We are still hanging with people that we hate and at the same time, messing up with those people that truly cares for us.

Fortunately, I have learned the lesson which is obviously through the hard way.

Based on the rise and falls (more falls than rise actually)  that I experienced in my life, there are some rules that you can live by actually.

After all life is what we make out of it.

Rule no 1: Follow your intuitions

Trust me, they are always right. There’s no better guide than your own instinct.

The tiny voices that comes straight from your heart could save you from almost anything!

Sadly, we always underestimate and tend to ignore those warnings and end up in regrets.

Rule 2: You don’t have the right to judge any

No one has the rights to judge anyone.

Basically we don’t have the right to judge anyone and it really does make our life less complicated as we don’t have to waste our energies on thinking about how others  should lead their life and at the same time worrying about how people are thinking about us.


Rule 3: Say the truth,always

Say the truth and it will set you free.

Khaled Hosseini once wrote in  his book (The Kite Runner) ‘When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth’ These words are so true.

Everyone deserves to know the truth and it easier this way.

Rule no 4: Parents always right!!!!

If you think they are ever wrong refer back to rule no 4.

The only people who does not  want any harm to befall us are our parents. So trust them.:D

Rule no 5: Respect failures

Although you can’t accept defeats or failures, but never under estimate them as they have the capacity to change your life forever. Respect failures and always admit your mistakes.

Rule no 6: Everyone has their piece of cake

There’s no need to rush or feel envy of others as everyone has their piece of cake and if its meant for you, no one can take it away from you.God is always fair enough but that’s certainly not an excuse to forget the hard work part.

Rule no 7: Expect less and hope more!!!!

When there is no expectations there’ll be lesser disappointments.

Most of the time, the expectations to be happy is what making us not happy after all.

But never lose hope 🙂


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