Older and wiser

Ever wonder how would it be to be old and grumpy? When grey hairs popping out from your scalp, more than the strands of hair that you dyed last week and when the wrinkles start to flow like a stream all over your face that never seems to disappear regardless of the layers of foundation that you applied.  The kids are afraid to pick up those baseballs that had flown in through your windows as they strongly believe that you are being possessed by some kind of monster. Not forgetting the loneliness that you felt everyday which is much more painful than the bee-sting pain that you felt around your spine.

So, this is how you want to grow old or the other way around?

Every morning starts anew, and you grow younger at heart as the days got older. The number of grey hairs resembles the wisdom and knowledge that you have gain all this while and by hiding it with black paints would be such a shame for your integrity. The wrinkles that coated your skins shows the amount of love that you have gain and received all though your life. On every weekend, the house will be crowded with the children’s of your sons and daughters who encircles you with so much eagerness to listen to the story of the day. Finally when the time comes for your departure, the love of your life holds you gently and whispers to your ear ‘Dear, its okay. You can let go now. and with those words you held you last breath in serenity.

Surely, I would like to be the lady in the second part. I would like to be surrounded with my loved ones on my deathbed, not some caregiver/nurse who doesn’t even know my first name and constantly address me as Ms/Madam. Aging is something beautiful and I doesn’t it want to be filled up with thought such as ‘what if’ and ‘I wish’. I want my life to be meaningful. I don’t want to go back. I want to go forward and see more and do more.


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