Annoying Facebookers

– People who ‘like’ their own photos/statuses.
What the hell is up with that? Obviously you liked that photo or status, that’s why you put it up in the first place. It’s like high fiving yourself. No one likes your status, so you like it yourself to make yourself look less pathetic. Some of them do it to increase the number of likes on their photo. It’s sad, really.

I guess I can forgive you if you’ve done it before, but from now on, don’t do it. People will think you are some sort of self-obsessed attention-seeker, or at least that’s what I’ll think 🙂
– People who type like this:

dat is soooooo coooolllll iii hadddd nnoooo ideaaaaa!!
omg r u srs lol hve 2 nt uze 2 mny ltters
lolzz, i Am s0 Kewlxxx and awsum, hehexx. ❤

…yeah, just don’t.
– People who treat their facebook as their personal diary.
Is it really necessary for you to update us on every single thing you do?
“Eating porridge for dinner”– wow that is SO interesting and I really needed to know that.
Also people who whine about how much their life sucks and share their depression with the rest of the world. Once in a while is okay, I do it too, but almost every single day? Too much.
Some people update their status around 10 times in one go. Which is basically like spamming my homepage. No, I do not appreciate that.
I specially hate it when people put statuses like: This is just so sad, I can’t believe this is happening 😦 and then when people ask them what’s wrong, they just ignore. Why did you put it on facebook if you didn’t want your friends to know about it? What was your purpose? To get attention? Yeah I thought so.
– The ones who worry about what their next profile picture will be 24/7.
Is it just me, or are people taking photos JUST so they can have a new display picture on their facebook? It’s kinda funny, and to be honest, I do that too sometimes.
But tagging/untagging yourself in the SAME profile picture just so more people ‘like’ or comment on it is a little pathetic.
And taking a picture of yourself with a pout on your face, in front of a mirror, in the bathroom, is a little weird. Just saying.

– People who delete statuses and comments.
Basically, they post something stupid and someone comments on it and that makes them realise how retarded it was so they delete it to save themselves the embarrassment.

– Excessive PDA. Couples who communicate via Facebook.
I honestly don’t get this one. I mean, it’s great that you two are happy and blah blah, but seriously, aren’t relationships supposed to be more personal?
I don’t get why couples these days are always writing on each others walls or dedicating personal statuses to each other. I mean, if you have something to say, I’m sure you have each others phone numbers. You can have these conversations in private instead of with the rest of the world.

– People who are fake/ attention seekers.
There are so many examples of this but the one that bugs me the most is when people write something like:
“Happy birthday mom, I love you so much, you’re the best!”, when they don’t even have their mom added as a friend on facebook -.-
Please show your love in real life and not on a social media site just to get attention.

– People who are obsessed with their children.
There’s nothing wrong with loving your kids but uploading photos of them all day and writing a status about EVERY cute or adorable thing they did that day can get kind of annoying.

– People who fish for compliments.
They upload a photo of themselves and caption it ‘no comments, I know its ugly’. Well then you shouldn’t have uploaded it in the first place. I usually ignore such people but if baffles me when their friends comment things like ‘no way, if ur ugly then what am i?’ or ‘you’re gorg hunny! xx’. (These are actual comments I saw on such a picture last week).


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